Tuesday, 14 February 2012

T-shirts and a question for overlocker owners

So I’ve bought a shed-load of t-shirting from Fabricland.  It’s not a stable knit as its quite stretchy, but it was very cheap, so is good for me to ruin practice on in my first attempts at using knits and an overlocker. Looking at the measurements on the Renfrew pattern it seems quite loose for a fitted top.  I think I’d be a 12 as my waist is around 31 ½ inches, but the finished measurements make the waist 35 ½ inches, so I may go down a size or two.  Also, although I’ve ordered some double knit online (planning to make a cowl version), for normal t-shirts I want thinner jersey, so I want to see what size I’d need to use for a stretchier material.

Once I’ve mastered the art of t-shirt making (because I have full confidence I will), I also want to have a go at customising my creations.  Mad Mim as a whole series of posts on this (and on how to make your own –shirt pattern as well!).  I like the idea of yoyos on one shoulder, and the reverse appliqué bow.

Now although Zoe has lent me her overlocker for a little while (which I am super super grateful for), she is going to want it back at some point.  And blatantly by then, I will not want to let it go, so I need to start thinking about getting my hands on an overlocker of my own.

I’ve seen that many peeps in blogland (including Tilly, Karen and Jane) have the Brother 1034D, which looks like a fab one to go for.  However at around £200-£250 it’s a bit out of my price range, so I may end up going down the secondhand route.

However if I buy secondhand I won’t really have that much choice in terms of make and model, or have any online reviews to help guide me.  What are other peoples experiences of buying and using secondhand overlockers?  Are some brands better than others?  Are there any brands I should completely avoid?  What about age, is it better to go for a sturdy 70’s-80’s overlocker than get a newer model secondhand?  Should I just save my pennies and go for new?  I was thinking about going to my local dealers to see if they have any reconditioned ones, or display models I could buy at a cheaper price.  What do people think?


  1. The Renfrew looks a lovely top, will look forward to seeing your creations! I have a Singer overlocker which seems to work fine for me but if looking for secondhand I'd definitely look at a dealer as you will be able to try before you buy...happy overlocking!

  2. I found the lovely renfrew comes up generous, but get the sizing right and I can see it being a wardrobe staple. As for secondhand overlockers, I'm afraid I haven't any experience. Mines a babylock which I bought from a real shop where I could ask questions and try out. Exciting!!! I love mine :-)

  3. Hi Laura!
    I bought a new & unused Delta overlocker from eBay back at the end of 2010 for £55 inc. the P&P (the owner was a long retired lady in Bognor Regis) and she'd bought it from Lidl or Adli in the store but never touched it - so it was a v.v. basic model, probably more basic that the Brother 1034D model I have admired much from afar. I got my Delta to work fine with calico scraps for testing, but still trying to get it to work on my fashion fabric - though it worked fine on my beginners class last summer LOL!


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