Thursday, 11 October 2012

Kelly skirt = love

I’ve wanted to make a nice simple A-line button-down skirt for a fair while and was mulling over purchasing the Wiksten Tulip skirt as I loved Shivani’s version. However because this pattern is a download I didn’t buy it. Partly due to the lack of a printer at home and also because I couldn’t be arsed with sticking the pattern pieces together and then cutting them out. So it was a real blessing when Megan Nielsen released her Kelly skirt. I snapped that up after seeing Roobeedoo’s awesome versions, (also here and here), and it is still a homage Shivani's skirt because I loved the colour of hers.
I use a cotton chambray for the main skirt and a cute flowery scrap for the pocket lining.
I have to say I love this skirt.  It's so simple and quick to sew up but is really cute and easy to wear.

The only thing is it is a little loose at the waist, and I sewed the top two buttons quite close together so after a days wear, the skirt starts going into a V shape at the front waistband and sags between the buttons on the waistband and the button on the skirt.  Any ideas how to fix this?  I am thinking either adding a third button or a hook and eye  in the bit that gets saggy, to hold it together.
I have already decided to make another one with some wine coloured corduroy I bought ages ago.
Seriously, I love this skirt!  This is the first item of clothing I have made that I am truly happy with.
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