Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I recently made this apron for a friend's birthday.  I love this pattern by sew liberated, as it's reversible, and have in fact made one of these for myself.

Here's the other side:

Those are cute little hedgehogs

My topstitching on this was pretty ropy at times (there's a lot of layers to sew through), but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Quick project: Hoop cover

My other main interest apart from sewing is hula hoop dance.  It involves circus style hooping, some aspects of poi and dancing / tricks with a hula hoop.  It's super super fun!

LED hooping fun
As a consequence I have a built up a reasonable collection of hula hoops, and still want to get a few more (plus I want to start making my own).  I need some way to store them together and to keep them covered so the decorative tape doesn’t get damaged. 

You can buy hoop covers, but I found this fab tutorial online on how to make one.  It’s pretty simple really, get a rectangle of fabric (longer than the circumference of your largest hoop), encase elastic in the two long edges and then sew the two short edges together, and voila!

I’m now one happy hooper

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Beignet muslin

I decided to cut my muslin in a straight 12 and see what happened.  Please forgive the wobbly pinning at the front:


It feels like a good fit at the bum area.  Any smaller and it wouldn't lie right.

There is a bit of ease at the hips, but I'm not sure how hip-hugging the pattern is supposed to be, so I don't know if it needs taking in or not.

The waist is too big, there's a fair bit of loose fabric here.  But when I sit down the waist is tight so if I made it any smaller it might be too tight and cut me in half when sitting, not comfy during meal times!!. 

Lastly there seems to be a bit of bagginess in the tummy area.  Again not sure if it's best to leave his (my front pinning was very dodgy)

It doesn't seem as snug a fit as some versions I've seen, but I'm not sure how snug it needs so be.  I quite like the fit overall.

What do you think?
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