Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fun fabric flowers

The lovely ladies who ran the beginners sewing classes I went to way back when, have recently opened a new sewing studio called The Sewing Lounge.  To promote their new classes and workshops they were hosting free workshops this weekend.

I popped along to a fabric flower making workshop and managed to make a cute felt flower

Plus this one (my personal favourite) made from organza.

We were discussing in the group that you could make two of the organza flowers and sew them together back-to-back, with a loop of ribbon in between and it'd make a very cool christmas decoration.

What do you think?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Don't buy cheap interfacing!

You may remember a while back I was cutting out my Beignet and had a strange interfacing-creating-bubbles dilemma.  Well the interfacing I was using was not Vilene which I usually use.  For some reason Fabricland is phasing it out and is now stocking some other interfacing (don't know the brand).  Anyway I went out and bought some Vilene elsewhere and had another go with some freshly cut facing pieces. 

Spot the difference:

Lesson learnt, use decent interfacing.

Right I'm off to start sewing my Beignet, but will leave you with a couple of Corfu piccies.  Twas a lovely hot 35 degrees out there.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Last minute holiday makes (almost complete)

So the last couple of evenings I have been cutting out and sewing, in an attempt to whip up a little buttercup bag and a easy beach dress for my holiday.

Unfortunately only the bag is complete as my machine starting behaving very badly, which slowed me up considerably.  However I'm happy with my little summer holiday bag

I'm a bit bummed I didn't finish the dress.  I still need to finish the sleeve edges, hem the skirt part and insert the elastic, oh and take it in by about 2 inches.  But on the plus side, it fits my boobs!! Never mind, I will have it for my next holiday.

I secretly think I have a dress-making curse on me, as the second I started sewing up the beach dress, the bobbin tension started to go mental and it was making nasty thudding noises.  Turns out I had a tonne of fluff around the bobbin case (bad me for not cleaning it more).  Still it's like something really doesn't want me to sew dresses.

I have a week off work after we get back from our hols, and I plan to make up my Beignet as the pieces are just lying there begging to be sewn together.  However I plan to abandon my frappuccino dress now (autumn is coming so I wouldn't be able to wear it anyway), and instead I will make a Rooibos for work (and maybe one for play), the pattern for which I won on Ashley's giveaway.  As Sarai over at Colette patterns has just done a sew-along on this dress (including how to do an FBA!!!) I am hoping the fitting on this dress will be less of an issue.

Right I'm off to catch a plane.

P.S. is is cliché to take "My family and other animals" as your holiday read if you are going to Corfu?
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