Monday, 6 February 2012

The Plan 2012: The list

Right so here's the list of things I'd like to make in 2012. Some of these are fully formed ideas, with pattern and fabric already chosen, others are vaguer ideas, and I may need some suggestions on fabric or pattern choice.

Note: I was going to have loads of pics of all my planned patterns and fabrics but haven't had time to get it all together, and as this post is about a month overdue, it'll just have to look a bit bland I'm afraid!

1. Red dress

Fabric choice:  Red cotton lawn
Pattern choice: Darling Ranges Dress by Megan Nielsen

I loved this dress the moment i saw it and am desperate to make one for myself.  Instead of playing it safe and going for a black or navy fabric which is my first intstinct, I have decided to take a risk and make a red version.  I’d love to have a red dress, and this’ll be a nice everyday wear kinda dress, that hopefully will be super comfy.  The cotton lawn was bought online from Truro fabrics, they threw in a spool of matching thread too, which was nice.

The next three items all belong together really.  In deciding that I needed some separates I was unsure what type of skirt to make.  I don’t really wear skirts much and am not sure what suits me.  So I have decided to make 3 different types of skirt.  One gathered, one pleated and one half-circle.  I already have an a-line skirt, my black Ginger, which is ok, but I’m not a massive fan of.  I would like to try a pencil skirt, but that’s for another time I think.

2. Slouchy gathered skirt

Fabric choice: not sure, maybe black I want something drapey though
Pattern choice: Simplicity 2226

3. Pleated skirt

Fabric choice:  maybe an olive green or navy
Pattern choice: Simplicity 2215

4. Half circle skirt

Fabric choice: A charcol grey wool from Ditto Fabrics

Pattern choice:  For Christmas my mum gave me the book Make your own clothes.  In it is a pattern for a half circle skirt.  I just need to input my measurements into the program provided on a CD-rom, then print out a paper pattern supposedly custom drafted to my body.  Will it work, we shall see, but it’ll certainly be handy if it does, as that eliminates fitting issues.

Also, I'm a bit nervous about using wool fabric, so any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!

 5. Wide legged trousers

Fabric choice:  Not sure at this stage, will be a dark colour like navy, dark brown or black, probably cotton.

Pattern choice:  Also unknown.  Any suggestions (high waisted is a plus)

6. Tops
I've just received two patterns from Sewaholic, the Pendrell and the Renfrew.

I am keen to get a good fit with princess seams, as I think it's be a very flattering look for me, and I am keen to give knits a go.  No decisions have been made on fabrics though!

Plus a few non clothing items:

1. New bag using the free pdf pattern from U-Handbag, with a blue floral cotton and red leather handles I think.

2. Purse or wallet.  I'm still searcching for a pattern for this as I am quite particular about what I want from a purse, but havn't quite got the skill to draft my own or adapt an existing pattern.

3. Oh and finally finish the quilt I started months ago, and blogged about here

I'm not sure if I will achieve everything on this list, but I have a clear plan now.  Other project ideas may disrtcat me during the year, but I will try to hold off from veering too far from my plan and do my very best to make at least 2 or 3 of these things listed above!


  1. Yay! What a plan! You know where you're going now & how it all fits together. I like the sound of your mix - a nice capsule wardrobe & hurrah going for a red dress!!! I also like the sound of an olive green pleated skirt. Now, what's first? I can't wait to see - red dress, circle skirt, wide legged trousers, pleated skirt & the Sewaholic tops - very exciting!!! I'd go for something that the quick win first ... gets you off the ground...It makes me want to get off this computer & get sewing myself!

  2. Great plan! That first dress in red will be amazing! The pendrell is a great pattern (as I'm sure the Renfrew is too)!

  3. Wool is the best, you are going to love it. It's totally my favorite fabric, obedient and forgiving. Can't wait to see what you make!

  4. Good list Laura, just the right length to not be too overwhelming. Re wide legged trousers, I've made two pairs and both were pretty easy. They're both high waisted too. They were Simplicity 3688 and Simplicity 2654. Very best of luck. x

  5. great plan! love the red lawn/Darling Ranges combo (that pattern is on my wishlist but I MUST resist for the next month or so - did you see that Megan Neilsen is planning a Darling Ranges sewalong in March?)

    I love Simplicity 2215 - I made the skirt last year and am planning the dress version this spring. x


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