Saturday, 25 February 2012

Argh inspiration overload

It’s happened again, I have too many ideas going on in my head, have too many things I want to do, I spend every lunch-hour window shopping on the internet, filling baskets but never actually pressing the “continue to checkout” button.  I can’t focus, I can’t think straight.  I need help! 

Ok ok ok, Laura, stop, breathe, re-group.  I have issues.  I have a very distractible flighty brain, my thoughts whizz from one thing to another very quickly.  In fact I’m like a squirrel who’s drunk too many coffees.  You should see me when I’m on a computer, my boyfriend gets a bit motion sick watching the screen when I’m on my laptop, I’m that fast.

The problem I now face is, I have a plan, and want to stick to it.  I’m ready to start drafting my wool half circle skirt and to cut a toile for my darling ranges dress.  The fabrics are washed and ready to go.  Buuuut I’ve just discovered the joys of overlockers and sewing with knits, so want to make this pattern

And this pattern 
and that pattern
and a million more of this pattern
Oh and the ballet dress by DIY Dixie too!

I need to pull up the reigns, and re-stock before I get too over excited and (like I usually do) end up doing nothing.

Maybe I can come up with a compromise.  I have decided to buy an overlocker, and have signed up for a workshop in April that runs through everything you need to know to use one.  I know I’ve already been playing with Zoe’s but she did give me a crash course on how to use hers, and I am a bit nervous a different machine might scare me off.  So I thought if I bought one of my own I could get familiar with it in a structured environment. 

So I am thinking that I should maybe make one more Renfrew whilst I have Zoe’s machine and then put knits aside until April.  So spend March making my wool skirt and at least starting on my darling ranges dress, as that’d be a great springtime dress to have.

Then I have summer to whip up tees and summer dresses in jersey fabrics (my eye is on you simplicity 2443).  I know myself and when there’s sunshine outside I will want to be out in it with my hula hoops.  Sewing indoors will not be a priority for me, so trying to make a few vesty dresses for summer hooping is reasonable I think, as knits are quick and easy clothes to make, and are practical to wear.

Finally come autumn I can crack on with the rest of my plan and make the pleated and gathered skirt, and maybe try my hand at the trousers.

Ok now I’ve put that in words I feel better.  Thanks guys, talking it through has really helped :o)


  1. Ha! This sounds so much like me! Maybe it's a sewing thing! I find once I've made a list or 3 and vented on my blog I usually feel much better and more in order.
    Glad to see your getting on with the overlocker, I quite fancy making the Cynthia rowley pattern (I had it free with a magazine) although i'm concerned with the finished sizes on the pattern they seem really big for something made of stretch material and it incorporates a zip too -think I'll be leaving that out and cutting the dress two sizes smaller than normal!

    1. I think that the finished bust mearurement is for the jacket, not the dress. It is weird that a stretch dress would need a zip thoguh. I wouldn't put one in!

  2. Ha ha, you sound just like me. My mind is like that ALL the time. Too much inspiration (from all the wonderful sewing blogs and pinterest!) that I can't stay focused on my own plans and just keep dreaming of more and more projects that I want to do!!

    1. I know. In my head I've make like a zillion amazing outfits, but in reality I've made nothing!


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