Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I recently made this apron for a friend's birthday.  I love this pattern by sew liberated, as it's reversible, and have in fact made one of these for myself.

Here's the other side:

Those are cute little hedgehogs

My topstitching on this was pretty ropy at times (there's a lot of layers to sew through), but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


  1. Oh wow! That's such a gorgeous apron, how could you bear exposing it to cooking stains?! Really lovely :-)

  2. Aww its so cute!! I love the gathers at the bust, so girly :) And that fabric is adorable!
    Ashley x

  3. What a lovely present! I've been meaning to make an apron for years, you've inspired me to put it to the top of my list!

  4. I love the hedgehog fabric, soooo cute!

  5. Too lovely! The hedgehogs are cute (if you ever find badgers, please let me know ;-) )
    Did you wear yours for making energy bars?
    I absolutely need to make an apron for me too ....

  6. I heartily recommend this apron pattern, it's super girly and practical thanks to being double sided, plus it's popular with the guys too!


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