Saturday, 5 March 2011

A completed project, and my first photo "shoot" experience

You may have noticed I am all talk when it comes to sewing.  I have a million ideas milling around in my head, but I don't record them or complete them very much.  I plan to sort out my planning and organisation in the coming weeks.  But in the meantime please enjoy this project I made earlier (last summer in fact).

I made this apron from a Sew Liberated Emmeline pattern and is reversible.  This side is a Michael Miller print.  Check out the other side:
It was pretty easy to make but took ages, also I had to make the bodice bit a bit longer so the "waist" fit below my bust.  It also involved a lot of top-stitching.  I altered the neck strap and added D rings to make it adjustable, in the pattern the neck straps need to tied-up into a bow like the waist ties.

This is also the first time I've had pictures of me on my blog.  I hate having my photo taken (all I see in these pics is massive hamster cheeks and frizzy hair, yuk) but if I'm going to have a sewing blog I am going to have to get used to it pretty soon!

Anyway this is what I learnt from my first photo shoot
  1. Don't ask the boyfriend to take your picture 5 minutes after he has started playing a new computer game, this is bad timing and will cause annoyance
  2. Don't spend the following 5 minutes preening yourself in a mirror as this causes more annoyance and leads to questions as to why you disturbed the boyfriend in the first place
  3. Don't ask him to take the same picture 5 times just because you believe you are un-photogenic and think all previous photos were rubbish
  4. Don't get annoyed if he gets bored and starts trying to make "arty" shots by photographing you at weird angles and taking advantage of the "natural sunlight" (that, coincidentally came out just as we started "shooting")
  5. Iron the item you are planning to photograph
  6. Do your hair beforehand!!!
  7. Lose weight (the camera actually adds about a stone!!)
  8. Relax and smile more


  1. Lovely apron Laura! Also, I couldn't agree more with your photo shoot tips! I need to learn how to relax in front of the camera and I need to time my 'photo shoots' better, to cause minimal irritation to my boyfriend ;o)

  2. I like that it's reversible! It looks lovely on both sides :) I hate having photos taken of my self too, at least you have someone to take yours for you, it means you don't have to mess around with the camera timer like I do! :)

  3. Lovely to see you & put a face to a name - I know what you mean- the first time's always super self conscious, but you're out there now! And wasn't it worth it? Fab pinny & reversable! I wish I was as stylish in the kitchen ...Love the choice of fabric - look forward to seeing more of your makes :-)

  4. Thanks guys. I do love my apron actually, I think it's my favourite homemade item so far.

  5. Haha I feel your pain, I hate having my picture taken too! Fabulous apron though, love the fabrics.


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