Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Quick project: Hoop cover

My other main interest apart from sewing is hula hoop dance.  It involves circus style hooping, some aspects of poi and dancing / tricks with a hula hoop.  It's super super fun!

LED hooping fun
As a consequence I have a built up a reasonable collection of hula hoops, and still want to get a few more (plus I want to start making my own).  I need some way to store them together and to keep them covered so the decorative tape doesn’t get damaged. 

You can buy hoop covers, but I found this fab tutorial online on how to make one.  It’s pretty simple really, get a rectangle of fabric (longer than the circumference of your largest hoop), encase elastic in the two long edges and then sew the two short edges together, and voila!

I’m now one happy hooper


  1. Wow! That is so clever! Very pretty cover :-)

  2. Brilliant stuff...I love how you managed to combine your two hobbies together too ;o) Where did you get your fabric from, I'm thinking it would make a cute circle skirt!!!

  3. Marie - funny you say that, as after I'd sewn the elastic in one side I did wrap it round me and thought it'd make a great skirt!

    I got mine from Farbicland, they had it in 3 colour combos too.


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