Saturday, 5 February 2011

Showing off: Look what I've got!

It was my birthday recently, and I want to show off what I got.

My mum gave me loads of cool buttons and ribbons, including the smallest ric rac I have ever seen.  I don't even know how I would sew this onto anything it's so small!

[I like the reindeer ric rac the best]

And this is what I bought with my birthday money

I have a real thing for sashiko, I love how a simple running stitch can make such intricate and decorative patterns.  Yum!

I'm a big fan of Pip Lincolne and have been lusting after this book since it was released.  Waiting for it to become available in the UK has been really frustrating!  Also one of the things I love about her books is that they have a baking recipe at the back, to provide you with sustenance whilst you sew!  It's like she read my mind  :o)

Lastly John got me these embroidery scissors (admittedly I did kinda help him with this gift choice).  They look fancy though right?

Right that's enough showing off for now!  Best make use of some of this stuff instead of just drooling over it.

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