Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pattern conundrum - advice please!

I’ve just started cutting out a pleated skirt and have been halted by an error in the pattern.  The issue relates to the placement of the waistband piece on the fabric.  The layout diagram shows the waistband (piece 14) placed so that the short edges are parallel to the selvedge. 

However on the piece itself the grain line is shown to go across the long edge of the waistband, suggesting it should be placed long-edge parallel to the selvedge. 

Which method should I use?  Should I place it parallel to the selvedge on the short edge or long edge, so option A or option B, or option C either. As does it really matter in this case?


  1. HI Laura,

    I would go with placing it as shown on the pattern layout. The grainline on the piece probably refers to the crosswise grain.

    Steph :)

  2. Hi Laura, maybe I'm more slapdash, & don't want to be getting you into bad habits, but if the fabric is pretty stable would consider either way according to best use of fabric. (Yikes - you might want to ignore my advice if someone offers something more authoritative!)

  3. Hmm well I think i will go with your suggestion Steph, and it makes the best use of the fabric I've got left too, so I am kinda following you too Scrffybadger.

    Ta for the advice,I'll post the finished article once complete.


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