Thursday, 27 January 2011

A blanket for a newborn baby

A good friend of mine has recently had a baby boy, who they have named Zachary [well his wife actually had the baby, but you know what I mean].  So I decided to make them a homemade baby blanket to celebrate.  I found this really cool Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric, which [I know is conforming to social norms] is totally perfect for a baby boy.  The other side is a nice soft fleece.  Here's a pic of it laid out:

I also decided to applique his initial in felt in the corner and embroider around it.  I love blanket stitch!

The felt actually matches the colour of the rhino in real life.

Even though I'm fairly new to sewing, a lot of the things I've made have been gifts for other people.  It's so lovely when you can see how much people appreciate a gift you have made them.  It makes the whole process 10 times more rewarding.


  1. Hi Laura in a tangle!

    Lovely fabric choice & the blanket stitched "Z" makes it an even cuter blankie. Great start to your blogging!

  2. What a thoughtful present - i'd have loved something like that when I had my boys. I love that fabric too. x

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. You're right Jane, the fabric rocks. They do a multicoloured and a pink version too i think.


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