Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I'm stylish!

Well according to Carly and Lucy anyway, as they have both given me a Stylish Blogger award!  Thanks guys. 

 Apparently I have to reveal 7 things that you may not already know about me, so here goes:

  1. I work in finance but am rubbish at mental arithmetic.  Don’t get me wrong I am very good with numbers and maths in general, but I never learnt the times tables at school and calculators were all the rage so I never picked up the skill of counting (or multiplying) in my head.
  2. The only form of exercise I take is hoop dancing.  If you don’t know what this is check out this youtube clip for more info [BTW I am nowhere near as good as that].  I hate exercise and am not a believer in “no gain without pain” so avoid the pain as much as possible! Hooping is so much fun, although I do get weird looks in the street / on the bus when I have my hoop with me.
  3. I have a fear of going to the corner shop.  This isn’t a specific corner shop, it’s all local newsagents.  It all stems from a time when I was young when my mum let me go to the corner shop on my own  A big dog was outside, who barked at me very loudly and chased me for a bit back down the road as I fled in fear.  Actually my mum may have been there too, my memory is a bit hazy, but the fear was real and even now would rather starve [read: go without chocolate] than go to the shop by myself.
  4. I have an oversensitive sense of smell (and I think maybe hearing too).  I am learning this as I seem to smell & hear things which other people can’t.
  5. I enjoy reading comic books and graphic novels.  It’s an expensive hobby (graphic novels are pricey) which I haven’t been indulging in much recently.  My particular favourite is anything involving the X-men, the Fables Series and I really enjoyed Persepolis.
  6. I studied Psychology at University and love social psychology (mainly group/social behaviour) in particular.  I’m also 2nd author on a paper which was published in the journal Social Cognition titled “Beyond secondary emotions: The infrahumanization of outgroups using human-related and animal-related words”.  I don’t get to boast about this much as infrahumanization is not exactly an easy word to drop into conversation! 
  7. I love cake.  Baking it and eating it.  Cake is basically the best thing ever.  Whoever first thought, “lets mix flour, eggs, butter and sugar together into a splodgy mess then heat it up and see what happens” was the most amazing persion in the world! I think maybe it stems from being Engish, as there is nothing better on a cold, wet and wintery English day than a cuppa and big piece of cake!  

Proof that my love affair with cake started at an early age

Right that’s my seven things.  I’m off to find some cake now.  Oh yes and I need to nominate 7 people to pass this award onto.  Well my nominations are quite tricky, as a lot of peeps whose blogs I admire have just got this award (or sent it to me).  So rather than pass on the 7 things aspect, I’m just passing on the award as I like your blog (although you can do the 7 things list if you want).  Also apologies if you have already got this award, but it's getting passed around faster than head lice at a primary school (but in a good way)!!!

Zoe of So Zo…



  1. Hi Laura, thank you for the award - lovely of you, I feel pretty unstylish & have been getting a bit silly, so thank you for encouraging me! I've enjoyed reading your 7 things & am in awe of your psychology paper, but feel akin with cake! Happy baking!

  2. Oooh thank you, I'm very flattered. xx

  3. Thank you Laura, I'm very touched by the award! Great to find out more about you ;o)

  4. You're all very welcome ladies!

    Scruffy Badger, Silly is always stylish!!!


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