Saturday, 7 January 2012

The plan 2012

Peter from Male Pattern Boldness had an interesting post the other day on whether we sew with practicality in mind or fantasy.  Personally when I think about my behaviour in the past (especially when I first started sewing), the motivation behind my pattern and fabric purchases was pretty much always pure fantasy.  I mean seriously what was I thinking when I bought this quilting weight cotton!?  What can be made from this?

And these 1950's retro patterns, yes they are beautiful, but lets face it how many occasions am I going to find to wear these?

I have realised that what I need to do as a sewer who still puts herself in the beginnerish category, is to make functional wearable and well constructed pieces.  This will help me gain confidence in my sewing abilities, and in wearing the things I have sewn!  Then later on down the line I can go a bit nuts and make a few things just for fun.

That's not to say I won't be having fun when sewing, but in order to enjoy the process I need confidence that the end result will be good.

Also I am an avid reader of So Zo.  I share a lot of her views when it come to consumerism in society, but so far have done little to start making changes in my own life.  I  would love to be able to only make my clothes and not buy new ones.  Fantasy sewing in this respect is also fairly pointless if I make a "fantasy" dress that I hardly ever wear, only to have to go and buy some practical clothes I actually need.  I really need to think about the clothes I "need" and then make them myself.

So I have decided for 2012, I am going to plan, and hopefully sew, a selection of key basic pieces..  When I say basic I don't mean dull and boring plain coloured things, just items that are wearable on a regular basis and aren't going to be crazy hard to sew (like smart skirts and shirts for work, or comfy tunic style tops for my free time).  As fitting has been such a massive issue for me, simpler more basic patterns will also mean I can get to grips with adjustments more easily.  For example I love the Colette Ceylon dress, but attempting to fit that to my full busted front and my narrow and sway back does not appeal to me right now!

With that in mind I am starting to follow the "programme" in the Colette Sewing handbook.  I intend to:

  • Analyse my wardrobe to find my favourite 5 items, and work out what I value in these.
  • Look and see if there are any obvious gaps in the clothes I already own, that I could fill by sewing up something
  • Make a Croquis of my self so I can have a play with a variety of pattern styles.
  • Come up with a list of maybe 5-10 items (I'm not trying to be over ambitious) of things I would like to sew in 2012
So thats the plan anyway!


  1. Great post! One of my plans for 2012 is also to sew basics, starting with a couple of Pendrell Blouses. I would also like to see items in plain colours rather than prints, to help me mix and match my wardrobe a bit more. I look forward to watching your 2012 progress :)

  2. I'm always seduced by lovely fabrics and pretty dresses but live my life in jeans! I should really just be making nice everyday tops. But I have loads of evening dress fabrics and bags of silk, I just can't help falling for them!

  3. Great plan Laura! I too plan on sewing some basics this year and also on creating a bit of a cohesive self-stitched wardrobe. Everything I've made to date either doesn't fit brilliantly or doesn't actually go with anything else I've made. Anyway, I look forward to seeing your creations!

  4. That's a fab plan, I'll be following you with interest and cheering you all the way! Good luck, I'm sure you'll make some lovely pieces. x

  5. Yay for plans! I'm looking forward to hearing more from each of the steps of the "programme"

  6. GrEat thinking law, I reckon taking a more considered approach will be really motivating and you'll end up with a more sustainable wardrobe. Can't wait to see how you get on! Doesn't mean to say you can't allow yourself to go off track every now and then if you fancy something quick and frivolous! Eg to use some of your pretty stash fabrics ;-)


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