Saturday, 24 December 2011

Farewell 2011

Hi everyone,

I'm not going to do a year in review / round-up post becuase quite frankly my sewing achievements are petty paultry compared with a lot of other bloggers out there.  Sewing hasn't come easily to me, and I have strugged so much with fitting that it has put me off even attempting to make a lot of the things I've really wanted to.  However I do get a lot of satisfaction from sewing, in both the process and the completion of a project, and I do want to do a lot more of it next year. 

With that in mind I do have some serious sewing plans for the new year.  I have already started sewing my peony dress,  I’ve also ordered the fab Darling Ranges dress from Megan Nielsen’s website (then saw you can buy it in the UK at Backstitch, d'oh!), having seen awesome versions by Mary at Idle Fancy and Paunnet.  Not forgetting that I have an altered Rooibos pattern just sitting there begging to be used, so I have three dresses now in progress or being planned in my head.  Hopefully I will finish one of them in time to wear for my birthday on the 14th January.

I have also been doing some Christmas related sewing and embroidery, check out my post over at Tilly’s Crafty Christmas Club for more info on that!

Have great Christmas everyone and see you in 2012!

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  1. I just bought the Darling Ranges dress too. I'm really looking forward to that one. And quite a few others I'm really hoping to not get to anxious and really take my time. Like you, I have fit issues and I don't want them to get the better of me.

    Here's to 2012 and amazing makes!


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