Friday, 10 June 2011

Sewing space complete!!!

Well here it is people, the big reveal.  I finally moved all my stuff into the spare room and set up my sewing space.

But first of all let's remind ourselves with what I was working with.  Here's come before pics:

And now check out my man's space!!!

Nice huh?  But lets face it you're not here to see a bunch of bikes and plastic crates, you're here to see a sewing space!  So lets check out my side of the room:

I bought the screen / room divider from a lady at work for £20.  I think it works well.

I attached a cheapy flowery fabric to the back of the bookcase using my new favourite toy, my staple gun.  It was a bit of a rush job (I didn't even iron the fabric) but I think it looks quite nice.

Those are my white shelves which are now holding all my patterns, fabric scrap stash, sewing books etc.

That big box contains my fabric stash.  Now the box is full to bursting I can't buy any more fabric. I have decided that I must at least half empty it before I can buy any more.

Now it's not fully functional yet, because the only power socket is by the white shelves and I need to buy an extension lead to reach my sewing machine.  I also need a desk lamp, and want a noticeboard so I can pin up inspirational pictures and the like.

Looks pretty good now though right?


  1. It looks great!! I bet you can't wait to get sewing in there :)
    Ashley x

  2. Looking good! If I was in that room it would look like that for exactly 10 minutes then I would get lazy and forget to put things away and tidy up after myself and eventually over time there would be a strata of projects and associated junk balanced on any available flat(ish) surface! Good Luck!!!!!

  3. Your sewing space is looking soooo good...just think how your productivity levels will soar ;o)

  4. Brilliant job! New space looks lovely, and I hope you get to enjoy working in it soon :-)

  5. this looks fab!! I wish I had a little space like this, well done you've done a fab job!!

  6. Fabulous! I especially love the bookcase, what a great storage space. I'm sure that you and your sewing machine will be very happy here!!!

  7. It looks great! I can't wait to hear (and see) how successful the space is.

  8. Hello! I love looking at people's sewing space. It's such a great way to get ideas on what to do with your own space. Looking forward to see what you create in it.

  9. Hi Laura!
    Just wanted to say how fab it was to meet you in Brighton on Saturday 25th June.
    Claire :)

    P.S. Sewing-space is looking v. nice!


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