Monday, 6 June 2011

Courses follow-up

Right chaps, many thanks for all your insightful comments on my last post.  I've had a good long think I do agree with you all, a dressmaking course at this stage in my sewing journey seems like the better option. 
I did do a beginners sewing class last year, and made a dress in it (see exhibit A in this post), but we didn't cover fitting at all so I am a bit cautious about not getting support in that area again.  So I am going to investigate the course a bit more before I sign up, as it is a big commitment, and isn't exactly cheap.

I also think I'll give drafting my own bodice and skirt blocks a go.  A few of you mentioned Miss P's bodice draft along, which I most certainly will follow.  However I also fancy picking myself up a book on pattern drafting for further reference.  Do any of you have any recommendations? 

The newest edition of Cloth magazine had this in it's books round-up section:

It's only just been published, but looks pretty comprehensive, and at nearly £35 it sure better be!

I've seen this one around a lot:
But having a nosey inside with the "look inside" feature at Amazon has made me uncertain.  It feels like it rushes through everything, and I want baby steps.  Does anyone have this book, and if you do what do you think of it?

And what bout this beastie:
This looks the most serious, and thus scares me a bit.

What I want is a gentle easy entry into this stuff, something with diagrams that don't look too scary, and that I can follow fairly easily.  But I do want some depth as well, something that covers all adjustments etc that might be needed.  But is that asking too much?

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


  1. For my pattern making course we used Aldrich. We drafted bodice blocks, skirts and sleeves from this book and I would recommend it. There are many different things shown. I am considering getting myself a copy :) Once you get your head around the terminology it is pretty easy to follow.

  2. Last months Sew Hip had a brilliant feature on drafting, I'll photocopy for you if you'd like?

  3. When i drafted my bodice block I went to the local library and got out the two books they had there on pattern drafting and used that. Unless you plan on making multiple blocks it might be worth investigating borrowing a book from the library rather than buying one.

    I'll see if i can remember the names of the books I used, as one was good and one was crap.

  4. I have the Hollahan one. Frankly its kinda been just sitting on my shelf, I haven't attempted doing any of the from scratch stuff in it (though I probably should given my continual need to alter things. .. it does have some fun sections of altering the details of patterns that are quite straightforward, but it does tend to assume you aren't afraid to just have a go based on a small diagram. its good if you want to learn how to turn one type of skirt into another, but if your not that confident it may not be the best option.

    I would go with the library thing, free is always better!

  5. Good call with the library, they have two of those books in their catalogue, yay!

  6. we used the Aldrich book in the pattern cutting course I did, which I then bought my own copy, it's a good book but can get a little overwhelming in places but it's a good all-rounder :)


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