Monday, 27 June 2011

Brighton meet up and the Beignet begins!

Well my last exam was today, so hopefully in 6 weeks (once my results are in) I will able to call myself an Accounting Technician.  Lucky me.

To celebrate it's high time I actually started sewing something, and I now have my fabric for the Beignet skirt washed and ready to go.

Saturday was the Brighton M-M-J meet-up, and although I wasn't participating, being a Brighton local I tagged along.  I met some lovely sewers, and seeing everyone in their me-made creations really inspired me to get sewing again.

I was pretty restrained in my purchasing, as I don't feel I can justify buying any more fabric until I've at least made a dent in my existing stash.  I did however pick up some buttons for the Beignet, but can't decide which ones I want to use.

In the fabric swapping section of the day I didn't bring anything with me, so wasn't expecting to take home anything either.  However once everyone had had a swap around, there were a few pieces left unclaimed, including this Liberty cotton print of Zoe's.  She kindly offered it up to me.  I'm not sure what the heck I'll do with it, but I have around one and a half metres to play with so any suggestions you may have are very welcome.


  1. Yay, isn't it a relief when exams are over? :)
    I really like the yellow buttons. They 'pop' against the fabric nicely :) Maybe a bit of yellow top stitching?
    Ashley x

  2. They are actually a pale wood, but the picture makes them look yellower than they are. The cautious person in me says go for the blue ones, but i think you are right, the other buttons stand out more.

  3. I've rediscovered my Beignet during MMJ and am about to start a 2nd one. I'm going for plain black and am also stuck on buttons. Self covered in the same fabric? Black ones? Yellow ones? Aqua ones? I really can't decide!
    With your Beignet I'd agree with Ashley, the wooden ones definitely pop more, depends if you want to pop or be cautious. The wooden ones are so lovely though.... oh god, it's so difficult! Can't wait to see it, whatever you choose. x

  4. Sorry, got carried away on the button front there. Forgot to say congratulations on finishing your exams! x

  5. Hiya love! It was very nice to see you on Saturday. I LOVE those wooden buttons for your Beignet. Maybe because you didn't pay for the liberty cotton you will feel free to cut into it? Hope so, looking forward to seeing your post-exams creations! Happy sewing!

    Zoe xxx

  6. I also like the wood ones. They stand out but a beignet is meant to stand out! :) It was lovely to meet you on Saturday!

  7. Definitely the bright wood buttons! Well done for getting through the exams, relax now and have some fun in your sewing room!

  8. Yey for exams being over! I really like the mottled effect on the grey buttons so they would be my choice, however i also agree with Ashley that there would be a nice contrast with the wooden ones. Also, i absolutely adore the liberty print, what an amazing acquisition! I think it would make a gorgeous skirt, if there is enough of it.


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