Sunday, 3 April 2011

Purse prototype completed!

Well here it is folks a finished version of the purse I'm planning to make a couple of for birthday gifts.

This project involves some fiddly glueing so i wanted a dry-run before doing this for real.  Here's an inside view.

Note:  For some reason blogger is turning this pic on it's side.  I've tried about 10 times to get this thing the right way round and it's not playing ball, so you'll just have to tilt your head (or the computer screen) I'm afraid!

The purse pattern I used was created by the lovely Lisa Lam, whose book I own, and who I've now met in real life thanks to Craftaganza (and yes she is super lovely).  I also used her free purse making tutorial which is really handy.  Check out her shop's blog, as there's loads of free tutorials and stuff on there.

The type of frame I used means you glue the fabric into the frame.  This isn't too tricky but I did manage to get the glue everywhere, mainly because I was a bit impatient.  The instructions say you should wait 4-5 minutes after applying the glue to the frame before you attach the fabric.  The reason for this is the glue goes from gunky and messy to tacky and easy to handle.  But me being me wanted to crack on and so a gloopy mess was the result.  It's ok on the outside but the inside isn't great. 

Yukky gluey inside
But for a first attempt I am happy with the result and feel confident enough with the process to get on and make the real ones:

If anyone has any suggestions for how to get rid of the glue from fabric that'd be great!


  1. This is so cute! I love your fabric choice! Your purses are going to make great presents!

  2. Wow they are lovely! I second what Marie said about your fabric choices, such lovely prints. I am a big fan of Lisa Lam, I have her Bag Making Bible which is just fantastic. How exciting that you got to meet her!! x

  3. Ooh lovely purse. I've got Lisa's book and should definitely use it more, I'm quite tempted to buy some purse frames now. x

  4. Thanks for the compliments, sometimes I think I am my harshest critic! I definitely recommend giving purse frames a go. Apart from the glueing they are super easy, and if you are a neater more careful person than me even the glueing isn't that tricky.


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