Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pretty purses

I finally completed something!!

They are both made from the same pattern, but when squaring the bottom corners I cut off more on the red one to give it a smaller squashier look.

Here's some inside views:

Both are a bit wonky, which is slightly annoying.  I've got the hang of the glueing now, but it is still a bit fiddly.  All in all a great little gift project, and I've cut the pattern onto cardboard now so I can cut all the bits out nice and easily with my rotary cutter when I make one of these again.


  1. They're FAB! I love the contrast pups and ducks inside! They look totally professional to me and yes, they would make fantastic gifts. x

  2. They're gorgeous! So pretty. Definitely great gifts :)
    Ashley x

  3. Wow, these are so impressive. I love your fabric choices too!

  4. So pretty! Good job too, I tried it once and thought the gluing bit a nightmare! Very very tricky... Yours look fab :-)

  5. Yeah the glueing was a bit horrible. Not sure I'd rush to make more but the final product is worth the effort. I definitely recommend giving these a trial run before getting glue over the real thing.

  6. You're tempting me into trying to make a purse again! Congratulations on a good job on these two beauties!

  7. I love kisslock framed purses x


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