Sunday, 27 March 2011

My plan to prevent distraction

I’ve recently updated my planned projects page, to give it more of a structure, and to provide me with some guidance.  I’m very easily distracted and have a lot of project ideas on the go that don’t take shape.  Here is just a smidgeon of the ideas i have whizzing around my brain:
  • Green cord beignet skirt, I’ve got the pattern but as yet no fabric of buttons.  I originally intended to make this in denim but changed my mind.  Might change it again soon.
  • Flowery blouse from my Japanese pattern book.  I can only start this after buying some double gauze from this website that I first heard about through Jane’s blog.  It has to be from this site because if I’m making a Japanese pattern I must use Japanese fabric (duh!).
  • Sashiko cushion cover, now this one’s actually partially completed, but again not finished.  I bought a cutting mat and rotary cutter to start me off in the patch-working world but have yet to use them.

  • Jenny skirt, got pattern, got wearable muslin fabric, but got stuck on fitting and then quit
  • Jenny dress, got the pattern, got the fabric yonks ago online, but can’t start it until I’ve made the skirt.
  • Men’s ties and shirt front cushion for John inspired by this.  Bought sod all for this one.
  • Work bag for summer.  No fabric in mind but I decided on this free pattern
  • Danielle dress, one for work one for play.  Bought some green cotton drill (wearable muslin), a grey blue cotton (work) and some purple cotton sateen (play), but got stuck on my FBA.  This is a good contender for nailing an FBA as the dress itself is very simple, and can be adapted by not including the sleeves, and /or giving it a more a-line look using these instructions.  I think if I got this pattern down and made it a few times it would really boost my confidence in pattern adjustment
Out of all of these Danielle and Beignet are serious contenders for actual make-attempts once summer is over, but garment making is low on my list of priorities at the moment.

I think my main problem is I have no clear plan. It’s all very well to get inspired by others creations, or pretty fabrics in shops or online, but if I don’t have deadlines or timetables to follow I fall apart.  Sometimes I can have a crazy productive streak and sit down for 2 days and bash something out, but I need to schedule my sewing time into my life in a realistic and consistent way.
Here’s what I actually need to make in the next few months:

exterior and lining fabrics
2 coin purses for friends/family birthdays in April.
Grey leafy skirt.  I posted about this a while back and have all the pieces cut.  I want to be able to wear this in the summer and hopefully to a friend’s baby’s christening in April so it’s gotta get sewn up soon.

Craft bag, using my Echino fabric, as I need to actually show something I’ve made recently on this darn blog, just to prove I am actually a sewer.

colour palette
Embroidered christening gift using this free pattern.  Hopefully easy to complete as I can do this in the evenings whilst watching tele.  Also I want to get into my embroidery more.  I find it very calming and therapeutic to do which is good as and I can be a big ball of stress quite a lot of the time.

Picnic blanket made from souvenir tea towels.  I’ve got half the tea towels needed, and am scouring ebay for the rest.  The actual making process should be fairly straightforward, again the rotary cutter will be most handy here.  I have to make this before summer starts, or at least before it ends!!!  Hopefully by the royal wedding for Hove Lawn lunch frolics

Pyjama bottoms.  Not an urgent make as days are getting warmer here in Brighton, but my main pair of jammy bottoms have worn out and I like to slouch around in them when at home.  Bought a pattern, not bought the fabric but reckon it’ll be this flannel.

Wish me luck!


  1. It's always good to have a plan and I always feel better after I write a list! I LOVE your fabric choices for the purses and also the polka dot flannel for the PJ bottoms, where is that from? Good luck with your project, you'll feel like a giant boulder has been lifted from your shoulder when that's finished. x

  2. Thanks Jane. I thought I'd have the nice pretty fabrics on the outside, and then the puppies and ducks would be on the inside, to make the interior a fun secret.

    The flannel I plan to buy is from this website:
    But the brand of flannel itself is Flannel Elements by Windham Fabrics, so I think you can probably find it on other sites too.


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