Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Craftaganza: What I bought

On Saturday, I helped out at the first Brighton Craftaganza craft maket, organised by Lisa and Steph from U Handbag and the lovely Zoe from So Zo....

It was a really good day, long, but really good fun.  Energy levels were topped up with regular doses of coffee and some of the best sausage rolls I have ever eaten!

I may of had a smidgeon of a browse whilst I was there, and did purchase a couple of bits.

Firstly I got this awesome ring made from the end of a teaspoon from Ai Ijiima

I also bought something from Rosy Appleton.  This lady hand weaves ner own fabric on her loom, seriously!  Her cushions were so lovely, but I went for this super cute pin cushion.

Last up I bought something from Cherie from My Three Trees.  I can't show you a pic of this though as it's a gift for someone, who may read this blog post!

There were so many other great stalls, and lots of things I wanted to buy, but alas my bank balance wouldn't let me. 


  1. I've just had a look at the pics on Zoe's blog, what a fantastic event! It looks like it was a massive success so well done for all your hard work. I think I'll make a special trip to Brighton for the next one, those sausage rolls sound like my kind of thing! x

  2. You are a star! Thanks a squillion once again for your help. I just met with Lisa and Steph actually and discussed ways we could coerce the sausage roll making lady to come back next time! Hope to catch up with you very soon honey

    Love and hugs
    Zoe xxx


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