Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Well in truth there was nothing pants about my day on Saturday.  Loads of lovely sewing bloggers, beautiful Bath, yummy food and a great knicker-making workshop, all organised by the lovely Scruffy Badger!

photo courtesy of Scruffy Badger
Winnie and several more of the other lovely ladies have already posted about the day, but in case you're interested here are my knickers:

I'm really glad to have (kinda) mastered sewing elastic onto cotton, it is fairly easy but needs to be done with care.  My stitching was pretty wonky but I don't really mind.

The day was awesome, and it was really nice to meet some more Bloggers.  Thanks Winnie for inviting me!


  1. Hiya love, nice pants!!! Hope life is treating you well in Bristol. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my sewing classes post, it was much appreciated. Zoe xxx

    1. Hey darlin, thanks! Looking forward to your jersey knicker pattern as I think that's a better long term pant-making option. Hope you have a fab wedding and honeymoon :o)

  2. Cool pants !! It was really so lovely to meet you at last Laura...look forward to a revisit, either checking out Bristol fabric/ sewing fun, or bath again...

  3. It was fun wasn't it! Great to meet you too.


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