Thursday, 6 September 2012

I'm back, and I've made stuff


After a few months not blogging, I have now finally settled in a bit into my new life in Bristol.  Although  have been sewing, I just haven't had the mindset to get blogging again, but now I'm energised and ready to go!

I have managed to make two skirts since moving to Bristol.

I had planned back in February to make a few skirts of different styles (a-line, gathered, pleated) to see which suited me best.  However I have realised by doing some "research" in a few shops (basically just trying a lot of things on in changing rooms) that gathered skirts and my posterior are not friends, so should never go together!  Instead I'm having a go at a few pleated skirts.  Firstly a Simplicity Cynthia Rowley pattern 2215.

I made it from a nice cotton drill so it's more of an autumn-winter skirt, but can work for summer.  I've never used a Simplicity pattern before, and despite checking my sizing on the envelope and measuring the waistband pattern piece before cutting out, it came out way too big, so I had to take the waist in by at least an inch.  I love the a-symmetrical pleats on this, which is handy if you aren't the neatest sewer in the world (I'm not).

 I also added some secret fabric to the pockets, it's some cute animal print that I used for friend's baby blanket way back when I first started this blog.

Although I like this skirt, it is still quite big and flouncy, and doesn't exactly slim down my lower half, so I am not certain that I would make it again.

So next up was a Simplicity Project Runway skirt 2698, which I think is now out of print.  I made View J with yoke B.

This skirt is more a wearable muslin than an actual finished piece, and I haven't hemmed it yet.  Mainly because I'm not sure the back pleats work.

I went down a size with Simplicity this time, and that seemed to work a lot better.  However I am definitely not sure about the back pleats.  I want to make this skirt again from some olive cotton sateen I have, as I love the look of the front pleats, but I'm not sure what to do about the back.  Can I get the pleats to lie flatter, if so how?  Should I move them closer to the centre back?  Could I eliminate them somehow by adjusting the pattern (slash and spread or something??).

What do you think?

My next make is going to be a chambray Kelly skirt, by Megan Nielsen.  I have been lusting after a button-down skirt for a while, and now after several versions of this have been popping up in Blogland I want one even more.  But again the back pleats are causing me concern.


  1. I've seen some bloggers ( can't think who to link) change back pleats in things for darts recently, that worked out well for them.

    Good luck with the Kelly skirt!

  2. Nice to see you back! The first skirt is lovely I really like the print! With simplicity patterns I always look at the finish garment measurements ( its at the bottom of the pattern) rather than the body measurements to see which size to cut! Obviously you don't want it too tight but chose a finished measurement size that's not too far from your actual measurements do check them all, bust waist and hip the last thing you want is great fitting bust but a too tight waist!

  3. Hi there - just saw your comment re my Kelly which somehow went into my junk mail - oops! I think chambray would work well. The thing about the Kelly is the high waist - so the pleats start higher then the one on the skirt in your picture. They are also quite big, so when they open out there is a lot of fabric set free at the hip - definitely more than it looks like in your picture. Maybe measure them to compare? Good luck!
    And I love your pocket lining choice!

  4. I love the animal print pocket lining! I've bought the kelly skirt and am worried myself about the pleats + bottom combo, so I'll let you know how I get on!


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