Saturday, 5 November 2011

No sun on the darkside

So I wanted to take some pretty autumnal pics in my darkside skirt, but the UK weather isn't playing ball, so here's some indoor pics instead.  Also my boyfriend hates being my photographer, and was not taking the process seriously, hence I got a million pics like these:

Anyway you get the idea!

This skirt was so easy to sew, and it has such a nice shape.  Colette patterns seem to fit my lower half really well which is such a relief!!

The invisible zipper insertion was a bit tricky, and it isn't completely invisible.  Not sure what I did wrong there, did I not sew close enough to the teeth?  Also do you press the zipper teeth before sewing the zip in or not?  I didn't as I didn't want to damage the zip so it got stuck or broke or something, and I thought pressing a hot iron onto plastic teeth might muck it up!

I already have my wine coloured corduroy ready to go to sew up another version of this pattern.  I'm going to line that one, I wasn't certain how to do this but now Scruffy Badger has provided me with a quick how-to on her blog I am ready to go!


  1. Very nice indeed, but I feel your pain with our darkened makes it impossible to get any great shots! And my boyfriend is the same as yours, so much so that I invested in a tripod and we're both happier now ;o)

    The reason you probably found the invisible zip hard is because you didn't iron it. It's honestly the most easy zip to insert in my opinion, especially if you follow the Colette tutorial. So next time, set your iron to a medium heat and go for it. The zip will be totally fine and the finished result will be much better for you ;o)

  2. Skirt looks fab! A wine corduroy one will be really good too :-)

  3. Ha ha ha!! Great photo sharing! My man also enjoys himself in similar circumstances, zooming in, changing the angle, basically missing the thing I've sewn!! Fab ginger law- it really looks a perfect fit. Bet you're hugely pleased, well you must be if already thinking about another. I'm feeling the pressure on the lining btw!! Read up on Colette patterns zip & facing tutorial first. That's where I started. Enjoy and good luck!

  4. This is lovely! I second Marie - invest in a tripod, they're much more reliable than other halves. Honestly, they're not that expensive - take a look on Amazon. Saved me from many an argument! Marie's also right on the ironing front. Medium heat and before insertion. I'll be honest, though, I never really conquered invisible zips until I bought an invisible foot zipper and for my Bernina that wasn't cheap, but it has made a big difference.

  5. Haha yes I get similar photos from my boyfriend. Don't they know how important it is?! Love the ginger - I've had the pattern cut out for a wearable muslin for ages, but never got round to sewing it up as I fell out of love with the fabric and hadn't any matching thread. THis has spurred me to sew it up and see what it looks like then make it in a more wintry fabric!

  6. your skirt looks lovely.
    oh gosh this weather of ours is a real pain for taking photo's this time of year! roll on the spring I say hehe!!


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