Friday, 4 November 2011

The darkside skirt aka the which-side-is-the-right-side skirt

I have some fairly heavy weight cotton drill that I’d been planning to use to make a pencil skirt.  Having never got round to that I decided to make use of it and make a Ginger skirt instead. 
At first glance the fabric appeared to have no right or wrong side.  Thinking nothing of it I happily went about cutting up the fabric.  It wasn’t until I went to attach the waistband (which I had already interfaced) to the main skirt, that I realised that oops there was in fact a right and wrong side to this fabric and that I had interfaced the waistband so that the right side of the waistband didn’t match the right side of the main skirt.

As I’d already finished the centre seam on the main skirt with bias binding (the first time I'd tried this technique and it's such a nice neat finish) I decided that re-cutting and interfacing the waistband was the quicker job, so made the call that the right side of the skirt was in fact the correct right side of the fabric.

However I am not certain I made the right call.

The side which became the “right” side of my skirt has a noticeable diagonal weave to it.  My attempt to photograph it looks like this:

The side which became the “wrong” side of my skirt is very flat and it’s hard to see a weave of any kind unless you do an extreme close up, like this:

So I’m curious, which side do you think is the real right side??

Ultimately it doesn’t matter, and unless someone looks at my skirt up close with a magnifying glass I very much doubt I will encounter any public humiliation or shame because of having a the wrong side of my fabric showing.  But for future reference I would quite like to know which side I should be using on fabric like this.

P.S I have finished the darkside skirt, but haven't been at home in daylight to photograph it!


  1. I'm not very experienced with right and wrong sides but I'd say the 1st one looks like the right side to me! I suppose it doesn't matter as long as you like the way it looks that way up, some fabric doesn't have a really noticeable right and wrong side!

  2. I think the right side of drill is the diagonal weave side, so you got lucky! :) But I don't think it really matters, as both sides look fine to me!
    Ashley x

  3. I did exactly this with a skirt I made and there's definitely a right and wrong side. The right side has the diagonal weave. Just looked in my fabric swatch book to make sure and it's correct for the cotton drill swatch (I love that book!) Looking forward to seeing your Ginger skirt.

  4. Oh how annoying. Well, as you say, it's doubtful anyone will notice - and if they do, call it a design feature! I reckon the first one is the right side.

  5. I would say that the diagonal stripe would be the right side as it looks like a drill type fabric but as you say unless someone inspected closely no-one would know. Although if it was me I would be pointing it out to everyone!!!!

  6. It's the first one - the diagonal. IIRC Drill is a kind of twill, and the feature of twill weave is their lovely diagonal-ness :) Traditional denims (think Levi 501's, rather than modern weaves) are a type of twill weave - and you'll see the diagonal on their outside surface :)

  7. I agree, the side with the diagonals is the right side, like with denim, it's part of the weave.


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