Monday, 30 May 2011

Stitches I know

I decided recently that I needed to spend more time practicing my embroidery.  I want to use embroidery a lot more on sewing projects but am not a very neat stitcher.  Also it's a good thing to do of an evening, if you are too tired to do anything major.  So it has been great for me he past few weeks as I have been studying as soon as I get home from work, and my brain has been far too dead. to do any sewing.

Back in January, on my birthday I received Jenny Hart's book Embroidered Effects.  It has lots of cool projects in it, and there's a few I wanted to have a crack at.  However as my first attempt to try proper embroidery fell a bit flat, this time I decided to start at the beginning and have a go at the sampler project in the book. This is the result:

I'm not sure whether to frame it or to put a border round it and turn it into a cushion.  What do you think??

It's a bit scruffy in places, but these are my favourite bits:


  1. Wow, that's lovely!! :) I love embroidery.
    Ashley x

  2. This is really gorgeous Laura, I love it! I think it would make very cute cushion!

  3. Hehehe, I got that for my birthday last year too, I gave my sampler to mum :-) Its a fantastic book innit?!

  4. It's adorable! What lovely stitchery ! How about using it (perhaps with some padding like wadding) to cover a hard back book to make your sewing notes and plans in?

  5. It's really pretty :) I'd frame it unless you're sure it will wash well.

  6. I think this is awesome! Really precious :) I vote... Pillow! x

  7. I'm going to have to check this book out.

    I like the cushion idea. Maybe with a wide border around it in a bright color you want to bring to the room? I'm sure you'll think up something lovely.

  8. Oooh it's gorgeous, I love it, especially the font the writing is in. I like Scruffy Badger's idea of a book cover or maybe frame it and put it in your sewing room to remind yourself of your super stitching prowess. x


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