Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Don't buy cheap interfacing!

You may remember a while back I was cutting out my Beignet and had a strange interfacing-creating-bubbles dilemma.  Well the interfacing I was using was not Vilene which I usually use.  For some reason Fabricland is phasing it out and is now stocking some other interfacing (don't know the brand).  Anyway I went out and bought some Vilene elsewhere and had another go with some freshly cut facing pieces. 

Spot the difference:

Lesson learnt, use decent interfacing.

Right I'm off to start sewing my Beignet, but will leave you with a couple of Corfu piccies.  Twas a lovely hot 35 degrees out there.

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  1. Wow what a difference! I still get the odd bubble with vilene when I'm doing bags though. Guess I'm not doin it properly! Glad you had a good holiday :-)


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